Add content to your course

CourseLit uses a concept called Lesson. It is very similar to what we generally see in books i.e. A large piece of information divides into smaller chunks called lessons.

Similarly, you can break down you course into Lessons and group the lessons into Sections.


CourseLit supports eight types of lessons, which are as follows.

  1. Text

    For sharing textual content.

  2. Video

    For sharing video lectures.

  3. Audio

    For sharing quick audio recordings.

  4. PDF

    For sharing premade resources.

  5. Embed

    For sharing external links like YouTube videos etc.

  6. File

    For sharing binary files like a zip file containing an assingment with the students.

  7. Quiz

    For quizzing your students. You can create graded and non-graded quizzes.

    See the guide to add a quiz.

Steps to add a new lesson

  1. From the Products section in the dashboard, select your product to open it in the editing mode.
  2. Go to the Content tab.

Add content

  1. Click on the New Lesson button as shown above.
  2. On the New Lesson screen, add relevant details as shown below.

Lesson settings

For text lesson, you will be presented with a text box and for video/audio/file lesson you will be presented with a file selector option. 5. If you want to allow free access to the the lesson despite the pricing of the product, flip the Preview switch on (as specified as #4 in the above screenshot).

This can be used as a great way to provide a sneak peak into your course.

  1. Click Save.

Stuck somewhere?

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