Segment users

You can bucket users with common characteristics into distinct groups called Segments. User segmentation helps you in managing the users efficiently.

CourseLit offers an easy way to create new user segments. By default, your account has only one segment called Everyone which includes all the users in your school.

Switching segments

By default, the Everyone segment is selected. The segment includes all the users in your school.

To switch to any other previously saved segment, click on the segment button i.e. the button with the Everyone label.

Segment selector

Let’s see how to create a segment.

Create a segment

To create a segment:

  1. Apply some filters to reveal the Save new segment button.

Add filters for segmentation

  1. Once you are satisfied with the applied filters, click on the Save new segment button to reveal a popup.

  2. Enter a name for this user segment and click Save.

Save segment

  1. The saved segment can now be accessed from the Segments dropdown on the left (as shown above).

Delete a segment

To delete a segment:

  1. Click on the Segments button to reveal the saved segments.

Open segment popover

  1. Click on the Trash can icon against the segment you want to delete.

  2. Click Delete to confirm the deletion of the segment.

Delete segment

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