User permissions

CourseLit offers a powerful permissions system so that you can control who can do what in your school.

You can bring your entire team including designers, content creators, editors etc. and provide fine-grained access to them.

Following is how it looks (indicated in the red box).

User's permission editor

Understanding permissions

Let take a moment to understand what all permissions are available and what aspect of CourseLit they control.

  • Manage products

    Create/update/delete your products.

  • Manage all products

    Create/update/delete any product in the school. This includes products created by other creators in the school.

  • Manage blog

    Create/update/delete new any blog posts.

  • Buy products

    Purchase products from the school.

  • Manage pages

    Update any page in the school.

  • Manage settings

    Update school wide settings like payments integration etc.

  • Manage users

    Access/update school’s users.

  • View files

    Access school’s files like images, videos, PDFs etc.

  • Upload files

    Upload media assets like images, videos, PDFs etc.

  • Manage files

    Update/delete your media assets

  • Manage all files

    Update/delete any media asset. This includes media uploaded by other creators in the school.

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