CourseLit has a powerful user management using which you can manage not only your students but also your team members and newsletter subscribers.

Viewing your users

Log in to your admin account and from the Dashboard, click on the Users menu item from the left side bar to get to users area.


Filtering users

You can filter the users by the following two ways.

  1. By email

  2. By permissions

    CourseLit categorises users into four categories.

    • Customer - Everyone who has signed up for an account on your school
    • Team - Users who have atleast one of the admin permissions
    • Subscriber - Users who are subscribed to your newsletter
    • Everyone - All the users in your school

    This makes it easy for you to quickly search for people. The following screenshot shows the users filtered by team members permissions. Filtered by permissions

Next step

See how to manage users.

Stuck somewhere?

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