Filter users

As your school grows, your user base will also grow. Filters help you in sifting through your users to quickly find the users you are interested in.

Users filters

Apply a filter

To apply a filter:

  1. Click on the Filters button to reveal all the available filters.

Users filters in action

  1. Select the filter you are interested in, to reveal its settings.
  2. Click Apply to apply the filter. The applied filter will be visible beneath the filters bar.

Users filters applied

  1. The users list will refresh automatically and the total number of users satisfying the selected filter will be visible on the right side of the filters bar.

Total users count after filter apply

Remove a filter

To remove a filter, simply click on the Cross icon on the filter chip.

Remove filter

Work with multiple filters

You can add as many filters as you would like. You can additionally choose how these filters fit together.

CourseLit offers two ways to match filters.

Match any filter

Users matching any of the filters will show up in the results. This is the default.

Match all filters

Users matching all of the applied filters will show up in the results.

To switch the matching filter, select the desired option from the dropdown on the left (right beneath the Segments button).

Match filters

Search by email

CourseLit offers a quick way to search users via email addresses. If you know any part of the user’s email, you can quickly search for it by typing in the search bar.

Search by email filter

This filter behaves just like any other filter. Multiple patterns can be searched by entering one pattern at a time.

Next step

Learn how to segment users.

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