CourseLit comes with a powerful page builder. Using the page builder, you can build all sorts of web pages for various use cases like landing pages, sales pages, email list builder etc.

CourseLit's Page builder

Default pages

When you create a new school, the following pages are automatically created for you.

  1. Homepage

This is your school’s landing page hosted at /.

  1. Blog

Your blog’s homepage hosted at /blog. You can add additional blocks to the blog’s home page.

  1. Terms

This is a page for hosting your terms and conditions for your school. This is hosted at /terms.

  1. Privacy policy

This is a page for hosting the privacy policy for your school. This is hosted at /privacy.

Sales pages

Each product that you create, gets its own sales page. This comes handy if you want to add additional information about your product for better conversion (and more sales).

Next step

Learn about page blocks.

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