Getting Started

What is CourseLit?

CourseLit is a Learning Management System for modern day creators who want to sell courses and digital downloads from their own websites.


CourseLit has got everything you’d ever need to successfully run your online teaching business.

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Try CourseLit

Visit to use the cloud hosted version. Sign up for a free account to get a 14 days trial period to experience the platform without any restrictions. No credit card required.

Self Hosting

CourseLit is an open-source LMS and can be hosted on a server where you control everything. If data ownership is at the center of your business, self-hosting CourseLit is a way to go.

Follow our guide for full, step by step instructions for hosting CourseLit on your server.

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Join our Discord channel to get help, to request for features or to just hang out with an awesome community of creators.

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