Digital downloads

A digital download is a great way to share your knowledge with the world and earn a living while doing that. You can offer your digital downloads for a price or for free.

Offering something for free in return of an email is a good way to build an email list which you can sell to later on. This is generally known as Lead Magnet. Using digital downloads, you can easily create lead magnets.

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Why CourseLit?

CourseLit has got all the necessary tools to build and sell your digital downloads.

Structure your course the way you like

Use lessons and sections to structure the course in a way which makes the most sense to your users.

Unlimited file hosting

Host videos and other files directly on CourseLit, hence saving yourself from the troubles of hosting resources yourself.

Sales page

Get a beautiful and responsive sales page for your digital download which you can customize using our powerful no-code page builder.

Track performance

We have got you covered. Track how many copies you have sold, how many people have downloaded your product and much more.

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Create your digital download under 5 minutes

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