Create a digital download

Before you can start building your digital download, you need to set up a school. Follow this guide to get yourself a free account and create a school, if you haven’t already.

Once you are signed in using an admin account, go to the dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard option from the drop down menu located on the top right corner of your school.

The dashboard looks like the following.

Products dashboard

Both courses and digital downloads are categorized as products and will be shown under the Products screen.

Steps to create a digital download

We will create a free download for your audience. You can always make it a paid one once you understand the process.

  1. Click on the New product button.
  2. Set a title and select Download from the dropdown. Click continue.

New product

  1. Once your download is created, you will get to see the following screen.

Download editor

  1. Let’s add some content to your download. Click on the New lesson button to add a new file.
  2. On the New Lesson screen, select a file, turn off the preview toggle and click Save.

Add content

Now that we have added some content to the course, it’s time to publish. By default, any new product is in the Draft state.

  1. Click on the Publish tab.

Publish tab

  1. Click on the Publish button to make your digital download available to the users.

Publish downloads

  1. Voila! Your digital download is now live! You can checkout its sales page by clicking the three dots menu on the right and then selecting the View page option.

View sales page

  1. This is how your sales will look initially. It is barebones as of now. Visit our page builder guide to make it enticing.

Course sales page

  1. To share your digital download with your audience, simply copy the URL and share it. When your users click on the Buy now button, they will be redirected to the login screen so that they can add the course into their accounts.

Check out the guide on how to track stats for your digital download

Stuck somewhere?

We are always here for you. Come chat with us in our Discord channel or send a tweet at @CourseLit.